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Hi girls!

I must have some blue fever or I don't know what is going on with me :D I've always used only reds and purples on my nails, not blues and greens and lately I posted quite a lot of blue polishes like OPI DS Magic, Dr.'s Remedy NOBLE Navy, OPI Gone Gonzo!, A England Tristam and so on :)

And today ANOTHER one! I've layered Nfu Oh 52 over Dr.'s Remedy NOBLE Navy. For this mani I've used one coat of NOBLE Navy and one coat of Nfu Oh 52. No topcoat.

I really like the mermaid-like duochrome colour and the gorgeous flakies in it!

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Hello lovelies!

Just after swatching the Barielle Lust- red jelly I applied Elle's Spell over it creating this amazing combo! Elle's Spell by itself is not very opaque so it's better layered over another polish. I've used two coats of Lust and one coat of Elle's Spell.

There's not as many flakies in Elle's Spell as in Nfu Oh 59 but it still creates a beautiful effect. I haven't used topcoat and it's really shiny even without it.