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Hello ladies :)

I'm really enjoying playing with the Nubar Polka Dot glitters, they just look really awesome! Yesterday I showed you White Polka Dot and today I'm going for the Black Polka Dot.

They apply nicely but I again had to pay attention to application and placing the big glitters. Sometimes I had to pick up the black glitters and put the on nail to fill in the gaps. I'm not wearing any topcoat.


Hello lovelies,

I really wanted Nubar Polka Dot polishes for a long time and now I have them both! Today I'll show you White Polka Dot over OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes. This is just one coat of Nubar and two coats of OPI. It applied very nicely but I had to move the big glitters around a bit to have them on the whole nail so it would look nice. Sometimes I had to just dip the brush to pick up some big glitters which I would place on the nail to fill in a big gap. It required a bit of patience but I love the result. No topcoat.