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Hello lovelies!

One of the requests for topical manicure was gradient mani so I've recreated it and this is the result.

I've used two coats of Cetuem duochrome #167 and then  painted the tips with SpaRitual Clarity pink glitter polish. There is no topcoat in the picture and I quite liked it for a change. The Cetuem duochrome  looks really good and I really like this manicure. Very elegant :)

Hello lovelies!

Oh my, I have here such a beautiful polish today! Hope you'll enjoy the pics! 

Excuse Moi! - beautiful dark pink jelly with different size and colour glitters. There's so many colours that I'm not going to write them all :D I've applied two thicker coats and you can see the coverage in the pictures. I think it's pretty good for a glitter and jelly :) It dried reasonably fast. As most glitters, I had to use a layer of topcoat to make it nice and smooth. This polish is really adorable and I like it the most from all the glitters in the collection :)