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Hello lovelies,


Sometimes, but not very often, there is a truly great beauty product or tool that I simply must try and even though it's not from the nail polish world I still think you should know about it too. I am talking about VOLOOM, volumizing iron! Since the first time I saw it on Facebook I knew that is exactly what I need. I've been living with long, heavy and flat hair my whole life and no matter what I tried I could never achieve a lasting volume. The problem was that I live in the UK and VOLOOM ships to US & Canada only. So I've decided to reach out to VOLOOM directly and ask if they would like for me to do a review for them. Want to know if and how it really works? Then keep reading...


My Review & Experience with VOLOOM - Hair Volumizing Iron + Before & After Pictures
My Review & Experience with VOLOOM - Hair Volumizing Iron + Before & After Pictures



For those of you who haven't seen VOLOOM before, it is a hair volumizing iron that is designed to add volume to the hair and it promises great results. I couldn't write it better than it is on their website so here is more info:


"The secret to VOLOOM is in the patent-pending plates. Used in the under-layers of hair, VOLOOM creates hidden volumizing structure – or “volume pockets” – that lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. By lifting and separating individual hairs, VOLOOM creates that sexy mane of hair you’ve always wanted.

VOLOOM is actually healthier for your hair than your regular routine. Here’s why: VOLOOM is designed to be used only on the hair near the scalp that is rich in natural protective oils – your own natural heat protection. Unlike other hot tools, it is never pulled through the hair or used on the ends of hair most prone to damage. Plus, VOLOOM has protective ceramic-coated plates, as well as ionic technology that helps seal the hair cuticle and protect it from damage."


My Review & Experience with VOLOOM - Hair Volumizing Iron + Before & After Pictures
My Review & Experience with VOLOOM - Hair Volumizing Iron + Before & After Pictures
My Review & Experience with VOLOOM - Hair Volumizing Iron + Before & After Pictures



VOLOOM iron came in a branded box with many before and after photos on the back, foil-lined pouch for safe storage & travel, handy hair brush and three hair clips. I would just like to point out for those in the UK that the power cord has US end so you'll need a converter for that.


What surprised me straight away was the quality of the iron. It is heavy, well-made and it's mostly made of metal, none of that shoddy plastic casing that most of my hair tools have. It has ON/OFF button with a temperature display and +/- options to change the temperature as required. It also has a lock/unlock switch so you can keep the iron safely closed. The 'magical' plates that make the volume happen almost look like a 'waffle' pattern and they fit snuggly into each other which I've tried to show in the following GIF. The iron creates that 'waffle' pattern on the hair which makes them voluminous. I found it heats up very fast and when used properly (short clamps), it doesn't damage my hair and most of the volume lasts the second day as well.


Now about the accessories - the black pouch is lined with what looks like aluminium lining and has a pocket which I use to store my iron in. Then there is the teasing brush with a pointed handle for easy hair separation. The bristles are very hard and ideal for light teasing if you want even bigger hair. Last but not least - VOLOOM comes with three very peculiar-looking hair clips. They look like none others I've tried and they hold better too! The last part of the clip is moveable and with waved edges for better grip.





How to use VOLOOM:

Before you start, make sure your hair is dry. VOLOOM is not supposed to be used on wet or damp hair, the heat could damage it. It is good to use a heat protecting spray but let the hair dry or quickly dry it with a hairdryer.


  1. Brush your hair and get rid of tangles. Then part the hair where you want the parting to be (I've tried two different partings in the photos below).
  2. Start on one side of the parting and using the pointy end of the brush, section off thicker layer of your upper hair. This layer will later cover the texturized hair so make sure it's thick enough (it might take few tries to get the right amount of hair). Flip it over the original parting and secure it with the hair clip.
  3. Section off a thin layer of hair except 2-3 cm in the front (near the face) and clamp the hair near the scalp with VOLOOM iron for 1-2 seconds. You can repeat this once or twice more towards the ends of hair. More 'clamps' you the more volume overall there will be but if you want the volume just at the roots then do it once. DO NOT slide the iron in your hair, only clamp and release.
  4. Flip the freshly volumised hair over the parting and repeat the same process as many times as you'd like. Once you're happy with the number of layers you've done flip the hair back and cover the crimped hair with the top, untreated layer.
  5. Repeat the same process on the other side of the parting


If you're a better visual learner, HERE is video you can watch.


Temperature settings recommended:

  • Fine, damaged, or chemically treated hair: 320-350F
  • Normal hair, medium, healthy hair: 350-370F
  • Thick, coarse or curly hair: 370-390F

OK, this is finally the time when I'll show you myself and how VOLOOM worked for me...


My Review & Experience with VOLOOM - Hair Volumizing Iron + Before & After Pictures
My Review & Experience with VOLOOM - Hair Volumizing Iron + Before & After Pictures



TADAAAAH! What a difference! To me this is a massive improvement that took like 10 minutes to achieve with no hair sprays or mousse. I could create even bigger volume if I wanted to by doing thinner layers, lightly teasing he hair etc. but this was enough for everyday wear. I am so happy VOLOOM agreed on a review because now I will have the perfect volume in my hair for my holiday (and wedding)! I will definitely be trying it together with my curling wand and see if I can finally have some enviable hair style.


Final thoughts:

For me, this is a life saver for my hair and I'm not joking here. I have wanted something like this for years because I am just sick and tired of my flat hair. Even though this product has been sent to me, after trying VOLOOM few times now I swear to you, I would buy a new one without hesitation if this one broke. I love the quality and all the thoughtful features and extra accessories and most importantly - the volume it gives me that lasts not only whole day but the next day as well. The hair is not as big as the first day but there is still considerable volume. For me, this is definitely worth investing into but of course, make up your own mind!


VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron is available at their website for $129.99 (free shipping). You can also find them on Facebook. I hope VOLOOM will soon expand to Europe and other continents so all the other women like me can get this product easily. Consider yourself lucky, US & Canadian ladies ;)


Next post will be about nails again so stop by soon! Lucie x

*PR sample

Hello lovelies,

I know my blog is mainly about nail polishes but I thought I might share my favourite beauty products of 2011. And after all it's my blog and I can write about anything I want :D :D Some of the products became absolute necessity for me and it might just inspire you :) So here we go:


Care Set Pure Nutrition by Santaverde - it contains 30 ml Medium Aloe Vera Cream and 30 ml Extra Rich Beauty Elixir. I love this stuff! I don't think I've ever had better skin care than this. Santaverde cosmetics do not contain water, but instead contain pure Aloe Vera plant juice and it makes wonders with my skin! I use the cream for a day and the Beauty Elixir oil for the night. I wake up with nourished healthy skin and all it takes is few drops. The set retails for £56 but you can get it as a gift if you'll subscribe to Amarya Beauty Box for a whole year!

Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream - I had this eye cream in my Boudoir Prive box and stocked up on few more pots because full size (15ml) costs whopping £90! I really like its light but nourishing formula and it seems to help with my dark circles a bit (but really only a bit). I use it mainly in the evening but occassionally in the morning too.

Make up:

MAC eyeshadow palettes - I don't think these needs an introduction :) I use these four MAC palettes the most out of my all eyeshadows! I'd say I use Carbon, Smoke & Diamonds, Bisque and Shroom the most out of all. Nehru is missing in the picture, I still have to depot it :)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - this has been my favourite eyeshadow base for about a year and a half. I much prefer it to Urban Decay Primer Potion which had left me like beige streaks on my eyelids. TF Shadow Insurance blends into transparent colour and it dries fast enough not crease when I open my eye after application. Also it's in a tube so you'll be able to use entire product not like with the UDPP (unless you cut the bottle and scoop the product out).

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack  - this is my all time favourite eyeliner! I've tried all different types from felt tip eyeliners through to pencils and liquid eyeliners but I like this one the best. I apply it with eyeliner brush :)

Sephora Perfecting Lash Primer - I never apply mascara without a primer, it makes quite a difference to me. I have quite long lashes but not really thick so the primer helps a bit with that. I'm currently using Silk Naturals' Eye Lash Conditioning gel to help my eyelashes grow but it's too early to tell if it works..oh and just few days ago I started to use Talika too :)

Maybelline The One by One Volume Express Mascara - stupid name but makes nice and separated eyelashes :) I never had an all time favourite mascara because I simply buy one, use it till it's dry and then purchase different one. I've been using this one for quite a while and I would recommend it, especially for the price.

Illamasqua Concealer - This has been my fav concealer for some time and I would probably get another one if I ever finish it. I like this creamy concealer because it is not too creamy (if that makes sense), it is thicker so after I dab it and blend it stays in its place and doesn't crease. I bought this one at Asos so I didn't get the right shade but after I apply makeup and powder it looks fine.

Revlon PhotoReady makeup - I've purchased this makeup only recently because I needed a heavier colour for winter and I am really happy with it. It's my #1 makeup right now. It matches my skin tone very well and it lasts on me whole day.

T. LeClerc Loose Powder - This has been my #1 powder for about two years now and I still really like but I'm slowly finishing my fourth jar and I think I will try Chanel loose powder this time. It is really nice powder, very fine, lightly colouring however the price tag hurts - £35 for 25 grams.


T. LeClerc Multi Use bronzing powder in Aurore - This has been my favourite go to bronzer/blush for the past two years. I use it from the late spring till the late Autumn. The colour is easy to regulate and it is not too bronze-y. I think it will last me forever.

My fav blushes MAC Harmony, Illamasqua Beg and recent addition Sleek Fenberry -Harmony is a great blush for contouring so if I fancy it I contour my face a bit with this one. Illamasqua Beg is insanely pigmented blush, it takes only a light dab and it is almost enough for both my cheeks. Sleek Fenberry is currently my go-to blush as it's new (I know :D) and it has really nice colour and pigmentation. I thought I would show you my top three blushes, I couldn't select just one :)


Boss Orange by Hugo Boss - I got this fragrance from my boyfriend as a graduation present and for the past year it has been my absolute favourite of all times! Fresh citrusy scent that doesn't give me headache...I couldn't wish for more :D No seriously..I really have problem to choose fragrance as I can't stand most of them and they give me headache but this one is just prefect.


Tangle Teezer - You surely must have heard of this little thingy. I cannot imagine my life without it! It helps me so much with untangling my very long hair and I would never ever ever go back to an ordinary comb!

So there you go, my favourites of 2011 :) I hope you've enjoyed this posted, maybe inspired yourself and I will welcome any comments and suggestions you might have :)