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Hi everybody,

I'm starting to create new posts How to/Tutorials where I will show step by step how I created specific manicure. I've already changed Kaviar nails tutorial to the new format, you can check it out HERE. I'd really like to know what you think about it and if you have any improvements/criticism, I will welcome it :)

If you've missed Ludurana Emocionante's review and want to read it, click here.

So today I have here tape manicure using Ludurana Emocionante and Color Club Black polishes. Below is a step by step guide  how to create manicure below.

If you recreate/copy this manicure or if I inspire you, please link back to me and give me the credits please. Thank you for that!

Hi lovelies,

so I was quite appalled by yesterday's news about Ciate trademarking term 'Caviar manicure/Caviar nails' and forbidding bloggers to use it in DIY manis and this is my response: KEEP IT, but you're killing your brand!

I've originally created this tutorial for Amitee blog but because of all the stuff happening I will publish it..just because I CAN! You can read about this whole issue in my previous post or at Pretty Digits' blog. Thank you all for your comments & opinions!

Final result - Kaviar manicure

Now you’re done!