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Hello lovelies,

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend! Today I want to show you my newest stamping plate m22 from  It's an UK e-shop (shipping worldwide) with various nail art stuff. Set of these 10 stamping plates costs £10. The plate came with blue protective foil which I had to remove first. It doesn't have any paper sticker at the bottom like Konad plates do so it is a bit sharper. The patterns are carved good, they are deep enough to stamp well (the mistakes on the nails are my fault, have to practice more ;)

As I said above, for this manicure I've used plate m22 and SpaRitual Deep. The silver stamping is with A England Excalibur which I love for stamping!

Why Haunted Zebra manicure? Well I was just playing with words but it's because I've used zebra stamping pattern over China Glaze Haunting polish :) The pattern is stamped with China Glaze Millennium.