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Finally! After three years I finished my uni studies so now I have more time to you,guys! I have here some random pics which in my opinion don't deserve separate post :)

Nubar Silver Spark-best use as a glittery topcoat / nejvic se hodi jako trpytkaty topcoat

Maybelline Sparkling Strawberry

Nfu Oh 108 with Collection 2000 Sparkle topcoat
Barry M Red Wine
OPI Royal Rajah Ruby
My early tries for nail art :D
Mac Ooh

Spring is coming and I felt like using bright colours, hope you'll like it :)
I've used Artdeco eyeshadow base, Barry M Yellow Gold eyeshadow, Barry M Blue Crystal eyeshadow and MAC Blue pigment.

Jaro je tady a citila jsem se na zarive barvicky, tak doufam,ze se vam budou libit :)
Pouzila jsem Artdeco bazi pod ocni stiny, Barry M stiny Yellow Gold a Blue Crystal a MAC pigment Blue.