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Hi everybody! I haven't done makeup post quite a while so I'l do 2-in-1 and review KKCenterHK ES A500 False Eyelashes. It is 10 different pairs of eyelashes that come in a black box. There is no eyelash glue in this box so you will have to use some from other eyelashes or buy a separate one.

I've applied eyelashes over the finished makeup with an eyelash glue. It sticked nicely and they are large enough to cover my whole eye. You can always cut them to make them smaller :) I don't wear false eyelashes because I'm happy with my own ones but as you'll see later in the pictures, they looked magical!

Eyelashes itself are very nice quality, they didn't fall apart or tear when I was removing them. Overally, I am really happy with them and they are great value for the money.

The box with 10 different pairs of eyelashes:

For this look I've used eyelashes numbered as 1 (third from the top) and eyeshadows from 120 colour palette and MAC Blacktrack eyeliner.

For this look I've used eyelashes numbered as 2 (first from the top) and eyeshadows from 120 colour palette and MAC Blacktrack eyeliner.

Eyelashes are from KKCenterHK e-shop which sells large range of false eye lashes, wigs and eye makeup. I have been sent these for a review and my opinion is honest.

Some time ago I got a new makeup called Airbase to try (thank you, Debs). It is supposed to be the next big thing in make-up as it is already used on celebrities creating flawless skin.

Here is some oficial information from
Packed full of vitamin A and vitamin E, Airbase is more than just a make-up. The vitamin A improves elasticity of the skin and temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines. Vitamin E moisturises and repairs. An antioxidant, it acts as an agent to deactivate aggressive free radicals and protects cells from free radical injury.
When you spray using an airbrush it atomises the product making the particles of make-up tiny. This is why airbrush make-up is used in HD TV and film. The particles in the make-up become much smaller than when it is conventionally applied and therefore less visible.

Airbase Make-Up promises:

  • Flawless Finish
  • Weightless Application
  • Long Lasting
  • Allows Skin to Breath
  • No ‘touch-ups’ required
  • Silicone Based
  • Smooth and Natural Finish

Airbase is silicone based which might not suit everyone but personally, I don't mind it. It makes skin nice and smooth so I don't have to use any primer. Airbase makeup should be applied with airbrush to get the best results (check Pixiwoo video tutorial with airbrush if you want to see it in action). I haven't got airbrush so I've used foundation brush. It applies very smoothly because of the silicone in it and has light coverage. Airbase makeup is great for layering so if you want better coverage just apply another layer. I have shade TWO - Light Medium.

The make-up itself is quite watery, it is not thick like ordinary makeup. The result on me using foundation  brush is really nice. My skin tone is nice and even, it looks natural and does not create 'mask' on your face. I'm sure the result would be even better with airbrush as it it designed for it.

Final thoughts: If you are thinking about buying Airbase, you should definitely buy the whole set including airbrush. You can also go to one of the Airbase Professionals doing Airbase makeup just to try it and see the result.

 As you can see it is almost invisible after application of one drop yet my skintone looks better!