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Hello lovelies!

Yay! It's another Summer challenge day and another opportunity to do some nail art! Today I've done 'Blue waves manicure'. The official theme is HOT HOT HOT Combo!

For this manicure I've use paper/painter's tape, craft scissors, ME Mattese Elite Passistas as a base colour, ME Mattese Elite Embarasse Moi on the top and then I've created the waves effect with Dr.’s Remedy NOBLE Navy.


These are other lovely ladies who participate in the Summer challenge:

Hello lovelies,

I'm so excited to show you this manicure! I absolutely love it! The contrast and colours are just perfect and it lasted on me 5 days!

Firstly I painted my nails with two coats of Mattese Elite Fantasias and when it dried I started to apply China Glaze Prism to create gradient effect. I've used one coat of Seche vite to seal the combo. ME Fantasias dries satin which I really liked but I needed to use the topcoat to get rid of the grittiness and make it last for few days.