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Then I probably found one you will like :) It is called Misa Whisper and colour is jelly raspberry with gold microglitter. It applied really nicely however I needed two very thick coats for this level of coverage. If you would use thin layers, you would need three coats. It lasted on me average time, 2 days in perfect condition, then started to chip a little bit.

Price: 2/5

Formula: 3/5
Coverage: 3/5
Chipping: 4/5

This nail polish has been passed around many times from one of my friend to another and finally ended up with me. Aaaaand it is not my cup of tea.... :( I really like the colour in the bottle-cold pink with golden shimmer but it doesn't look good on my nails :( Well, what can you do, right? Only pass it along and make happy somebody else for a while..