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Hi everybody!

My friend recently asked me to do a manicure 'with eyes' for her an it was so cute I want to share it with you :) It is not anything precise or highly nail art but I liked it.

I've used OPI Wocka Wocka! as a base colour and then painted white 'eyes' with dotting tool on all nails. By the time I finished the white was dry. Then I painted the black dots to finish the eyes. I didn't have time for any cleanup so excuse a bit messy painting.

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the absence of posts lately, I'm kind of stuck..the weather has been terrible, cloudy, rainy so it's too dark to do some new swatches :( And I have sooo many new polishes to swatch! I have 3 polishes from A England THE LEGEND collection (three beautiful holos!), I have lots of new Zoyas, some Wet n' Wild glitters, Barielle polishes and more and more! I just need few days of sun!

So I will be publishing older swatches I have yet to publish till I can do some more swatches. Some of them are taken with my old camera so the quality is a bit worse and I might have shorter nails :-/ SUN, PLEASE COME OUT!

Road House Blues - dark creme navy blue with lots of purple tones. This polish has fabulous formula - I could've done with just one coat how beautifully pigmented it was! I've done two to cover my ridges on the nail which resulted in perfection :D Application itself was dreamy, it applied very smoothly and dried fast.

Lately every single OPI polish I try is truly amazing! If I compare OPI polishes from collections few years back some of the old OPI's were not half as good. I see a lot of improvement in formula and that's why OIP is my #1 right now!

Have you seen what I've done with Road House Blues before Christmas? My version of Snowflake manicure!