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Hey girls!

How are you all? I can't believe how fast the Summer is flying past..not that it's much of a Summer here in England. So I'm left to cheer myself up with pretty colours on my nails ;)

The manicure I'm going to show you in the post was inspired by Maria over at So Nailicious so if you don't already know her fabulous blog, you simply must check it out!

I wore this this easy-to-create dry brush & gold leaf nail art for this year's Scratch Stars Awards held in Tropicana Beach Club in London. I've written a whole post about the evening and who won the Best UK Nail Blogger, read the post here

Let's check out the nails...

The Manicure That (I) Rocked The Scratch Stars Awards 2017 ;)
The Manicure That (I) Rocked The Scratch Stars Awards 2017 ;)
The Manicure That (I) Rocked The Scratch Stars Awards 2017 ;)

As I've said, this manicure was very easy to do, Maria actually created a video tutorial, watch it here

For my version I've used two coats of Color Club Je T'aime, a lovely creme candy floss pink. Then I've used the dry brush technique and added blue, fuchsia and orange brushstrokes. The polishes I've used were:

Once I was happy with the brushstrokes, I've added gold leaf pieces. Sometimes the polish underneath was still tacky so the gold leaf would stick just fine but if it wasn't sticking I just lightly brushed a bit of base coat where i wanted the gold leaf to go. Lastly, I've finished off with couple of coats of Morgan Taylor REACT Top Coat. I've also used the Morgan Taylor REACT Base Coat for longer lasting wear and as always, my manicure lasted about 10 days with this superb duo! If you haven't tried it yet, it worked great for me!

The Manicure That (I) Rocked The Scratch Stars Awards 2017 ;)
The Manicure That (I) Rocked The Scratch Stars Awards 2017 ;)

Some of you might also be wondering where i got those cute gold & turquoise stone rings. I bought them at Luna Pyxis and this is my favourite site for beautiful and affordable rings. 

What did you think of this manicure? Have you tried the dry brush technique yet? If not, I've previously created a video tutorial for this technique, give it a try, it's super easy!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lucie x

Hello lovelies,


I'm back with the promised Halloween nails! My goal was to do (now classic) pumpkin faces that have been done hundred times already but I added something extra - Morgan Taylor Glow  in the Dark polish. So now I'm walking around with scary pumpkin faces on my nails and glowing nails at night. Don't you just LOVE nail art?!


Here's how the final manicure looks:


Halloween Glow-in-the-dark Pumpkin Face Nail Art + TUTORIAL
Halloween Glow-in-the-dark Pumpkin Face Nail Art + TUTORIAL


The nails glow in the dark very nicely but my camera just refused to capture them so I ended up taking picture under UV light so that I could show you how they look at night. Awesome, right?


This look is an intermediate skill level but you can easily modify it so that it's suitable for beginners. Just don't do intricate pumpkin faces. Here's how to do this mani:



Halloween Glow-in-the-dark Pumpkin Face Nail Art + TUTORIAL


How to:


  1. Apply base coat. I've used UNT Ready For Takeoff peel off base coat for this one otherwise my go-to base coat is OPI Natural Nail base coat
  2. Paint the nails with two coats of orange nail polish. Here I'm using Zoya Thandie
  3. Paint to curved stripes using darker orange/orange brown polish and nail art brush. The stripes don't have to be perfect, you'll see why, later. I've used Barry M Paprika and Whats Up Nails Pure Color #9 Liner brush*
  4. Paint another stripe in between the darker stripes with lighter orange colour. I've used Barry M Mango
  5. Now it's time to add the glow-in-the-dark polish. I've applied three coats of Morgan Taylor Glow  in the Dark*. I went to check the level of glowing after each coat and I was happy after three. I suspect that if I applied the glow in the dark polish over white base it would be even brighter or I might need just two coats. But the three coats were just fine and it covered and blended any imperfections in the stripes
  6. Paint the eyes of the pumpkin with black nail polish or acrylic paint. I've used acrylic paint because it gives me more control and precision. The brush I'm using for painting the pumpkin faces is Whats Up Nails #10 Detail brush*
  7. Paint the nose
  8. Paint the mouth and don't forget that you need to think about where the black space will be so that you leave out any 'carved out' teeth ;)
  9. Seal the design with top coat. I've used Revlon Colorstay Diamond top coat



Halloween Glow-in-the-dark Pumpkin Face Nail Art + TUTORIAL


So that's my take on the pumpkin faces nails! I'm not big on Halloween and gory looks so I'm pleased I got myself to do at least two looks this season. I took an inspiration from different cartoon pumpkins that just came up on Google and combined different elements for their faces. What do you think?


I've noticed that Natasha Lee has filmed a similar pumpkin face nail art tutorial so if you'd like to see a video and more Halloween nail art, go check out her channel, she's awesome!


Have a lovely day! Lucie x


*PR sample