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Another Accessorize polish I have is Pink Spice which is very, very close to a MAC Bad Fairy. I will make a comparison in the future...I say in the future because I had some stresfull time and few of my nails broke so I had to cut all ot them :( Some time without new swatches then :(

Pink Spice - duochrome pink changing to orange. As well as Bad Fairy, this is very hard to describe colour but it's exceptionally beautiful! It applied really nicely and didn't chip in first two days. Removal was a little more difficult as always with the foil-like colours but with the foil method it was not that big pain. Brush is normally big, nice to work with. i have two coats in the pictures and you can see that it was totally enough :)

Price: 4/5
Formula: 4/5
Coverage: 4/5
Chipping: 4/5

I'm a little bit late with nail polishes from Venomous Villains collection but I've been really, really busy.

Bad Fairy - duochrome rose-pink changing to orange and gold. It is really hard-to-describe colour and I think pictures are much better than my describing skills ;) Just few points to application: It applied nicely and smooth however the polish is not perfectly pigmented. I have two very thick coats in the pictures and I'm sure most of you use thinner coats so three will be necessary. Drying was quite slow and removal messy :-/ If you really like the colour it is worth the trouble.

Price: 3/5
Formula: 3/5
Coverage: 3/5
Chipping: 4/5