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Hello lovelies!

I must make up for the lack of posts yesterday so here is the second post of the day! 

Monogamous - creamy flesh pink with peach undertones. If you're aiming for clean-looking manequin nails, this is a really nice shade. It is not a classic pink but more peachy-flesh colour. It dries satin more than matte but I've applied topcoat because I like it shiny ;)  Polish is well pigmented, it looked to me like almost one-coater but it showed small imperfections on my nails. I needed two coats in the end and I've applied topcoat as well.

*This product was sent for a review

Hello lovelies,

So exciting! Today I have here the long awaited China Glaze Summer Neons Collection! It'll be available in June and it consists of 12 shades:

Sun-Kissed - bright highlighter yellow with subtle shimmer.  This shade is so bright you're going to need sunglasses! It's typical highlighter yellow that has a very good pigmentation. I've applied two coats and the polish was fully opaque. It applied very smoothly and does not dried matte! It dries something in between gloss and slight satin finish.

Orange You Hot? - bright neon orange with subtle gold shimmer. It's a great summer shade that looks even better with some cool nail art on or as a gradient blended with neon pink! It applied very nicely but the shimmer causes subtle streaks. I've applied two coats and I felt that I might need third one.

Surfin' For Boys - bright neon coral shade with purple shimmer. My pictures do not show how freakin' bright this polish is! It is really hot shade, very much neon! It applied very smoothly and I needed two coats for full coverage.

Pink Plumeria - bright medium pink with coral undertones and subtle shimmer. This is the least neon shade from all the pinks but still brighter than in the pictures. It's very flattering pink and it has a good formula. I'm wearing two thick coats and it is just about enough coverage.

Flirty Tankini - bright medium pink with coral undertones and subtle shimmer. Yes, you read correct. The same shade description as for Pink Plumeria. These two shades are so similar that I only saw the difference when I was comparing bottles next to each other. Flirty Tankini is slightly darker and cooler toned. I've applied two coats but in person I felt I could use third coat.

Hang-Ten Toes - Bubblegum neon pink with iridescent fuchsia shimmer. The fuchsia shimmer is leaning very much towards blue cool tones giving the whole shade cool undertones. The shade is VERY bright and neon, it will be one of my summer favourites! it applied nicely, dried quite glossy and two coats were enough for full opacity.

Love’s a Beach - Sizzling hot pink with subtle pink shimmer. Another 'twin' shade - it is very similar to the Hang-Ten Toes except Love's a Beach is slightly brighter and warm-toned. It is really, really bright! Again, it applied smoothly and dries half glossy, half satin. I'm wearing two coats.

Beach Cruise-r - cool toned neon fuchsia purple. This is such a pretty shade! It is very dark fuchsia shade with shimmer. It has awesome pigmentation - I'm wearing just one thicker coat! As you can see the nail line is slightly visible so you might like two thinner coats better. It applied very easily and dried fast.

Under The Boardwalk - raspberry purple jelly. I really like this shade, it's really rich jelly with decent pigmentation. I've used two thick coats or you can use three thinner coats. The formula was little watery but overall it applied nicely. It dried fast and glossy.

Ride The Waves - dark ocean blue jelly. This blue is not neon but it is really nice shade for summer season...and it's jelly! I love jellies :) The polish is not pigmented as the other polishes but it is still good for a jelly. I'm wearing two thick coats and I can still see a nail line. The formula was a bit runny and dried fast.

Splish Splash -bright blue sky with turquoise shimmer. Another shade that is not a proper neon but it's a lovely and cheerful blue. The shimmer causes slight streaking but it is not that visible. It applied very nicely and the pigmentation is really great! The colour is almost opaque in one coat but I'm wearing two.

I’m With The Lifeguard - neon lime shimmer. This shade is super bright, much brighter than in the pictures. It applied very smoothly and dried fast. I've wearing two coats which were enough for a full coverage.

Wow, what a collection! They are so bright and pretty and perfect for summer. All of the neon shades have really great formula and are mostly opaque in two coats. Usually the neon shades I've tried previously dried matte or satin but these dry something between glossy and satin. But if you'll use topcoat you'll have perfectly glossy finish ;) I haven't use topcoat on any of the polish. They dry average but it varies from shade to shade. I'd also recommend you to wait at least few minutes in between coats otherwise you might experience 'patching'.
The two jelly shades are a bit sheerer than the rest of the collection but three coats are enough for a full coverage. I've already done one nail art with this collection called Summer Dots but many more are coming! It's such a fun collection to play with!

*These were provided for a review