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Hello lovelies!

I'll be cheating a little bit with my Summer Challenge today.  The theme is Hippie/Retro/Summer Of Love which I really didn't know what to do so I've done a simple hot pink splatter manicure. Not exactly hippie but they wore hand made dip dye and other DIY clothes, right?

For this Splatter manicure I've used China Glaze Hang-ten Toes as a hot pink base colour and then Splish Splash, A England Camelot for the splatter.

Hot pink splatter manicure featurich China Glaze and A England

Hot pink splatter manicure featurich China Glaze and A England

These are other lovely ladies who participate in the Summer challenge:

Hi everybody!

I finally own Ozotic Elytra polishes!!! I absolutely love them in the bottle but they've disappointed me a bit on the nails. I will try more combinations so I can explore their full potential. Today I've layered Ozotic 529 over KIKO 379.

Ozotic 529 - multichrome glitter in a clear base. It is really hard to describe this polish. The glitter shifts from dark blue, almost purple through lighter shades of blue to pink and burnt orange shades. Amazing! I was staring at the bottles for a very long time when they've finally arrived. I don't know if it's just this combination but it didn't look as good on the nail. I haven't used any topcoat so the surface is uneven.

The removal was the same like with all glitters - difficult to say the least :) Use the foil method or at least hold the soaked cotton pad on your nail for few minutes. That's what I do instead of preparing foil stripes.

Ozotic Elytra 529 over KIKO 379 & mattified!  

Ozotic Elytra 529 over KIKO 379 & mattified!


And here is the mattified version using MASH Matte Top Coat. I actually like the mattified version much more, the top coat makes it very elegant.

I've bought the Ozotics at Harlow & Co. and MASH Top Coat can be purchased at