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Hello lovelies!

Hope you like my new header; I must say I really like it! If you have anything to say regarding the new header, please leave a comment below this post :) Ok, let's get back to today's colour which is Shannon’s Attitude by Barielle! Shannon's Attitude is one of the new 90 shades introduced recently and is available at but not yet in UK.

Shannon’s Attitude - sheer purple jelly with string holo glitter. The jelly also have tiny holo glitter particles in it as well as the bigger string glitter. The jelly by itself is very sheer, you would need like four coats for a decent opacity and that is why I layered one coat of Shannon’s Attitude over Illamasqua Stance. It is much better layered over another polish rather than by itself. It applied very nicely, the glitter didn't stick out of the nail so that's another plus. If it wouldn't be so sheer, it would be a really great jelly & glitter polish.

Shannon’s Attitude over Illamasqua Stance with one coat of Essie Matte About You.

*This polish was provided to me for a review


I've been playing around with the two new Illamasqua shades Nomad and Stance (reviewed separately here) and I've created a zig zag manicure. I really, really, really(!) liked the manicure and I'm kind of proud of it :) The colours create nice contrast and go well together. Stance over Nomad is not as vibrant fuchsia as when applied alone but in this case I don't mind.  So how I did this manicure?

I've applied two coats of Nomad first. Then I've applied one coat of Seche Vite Topcoat to make it dry and hard fast. Then I've used paper tape stripes which I cut with hobby zig zag scissors. I painted the first nail with Stance and removed the paper tap straight after. Next I repeated this process with the rest of the nails and when the Stance dried properly I've applied one coat of Seche Vite topcoat.