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Hello lovelies :)

Today I've decided to post more girly colour and I chose Essie Raspberry.

Raspberry - reddish berry creme shade. This polish has very pleasant formula with good pigmentation. I've used two coats for full coverage and it dried reasonably fast. I haven't used topcoat and you can see the polish dried nice and shiny. This is a very nice shade, not red, not purple but something in light berry colour. For me it's a must have :)

Hello :)

As I promised, today I'm reviewing A England's Merlin. It is layered over Perceval (reviewed here).

Merlin - rectangular silver glitter. Now this was a surprise! I was expecting round or square glitter (just classic one) but I couldn't be more wrong. It is rectangular glitter, very unusal. It creates different effect than classic shaped glitters. It applied easily - mainly because the polish is packed with glitter so there is no need for dipping your brush twice. It dried fast and it removed difficult as usuall glitter. No topcoat here.

Direct sunlight