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Hello everyone! I don't own many Zoya polishes because they are not easy to get in UK and if they are available they are overpriced. So today I will show you my last Zoya polish I own and haven't swatched yet. Meet SARAH. Sarah comes from Fire & Ice Holiday collection 2010. She is a rich shimmery pinkish-red beauty in an elegant glass bottle. Lot of people say about her that she is deep wine red and with gold shimmer...well don't believe them, my Sarah is very much with pink shimmer and with a tiny little gold in the bottle which does not translate on the nail.

Now seriously :) applied very nicely as most Zoya's do and pigmentation was all right. I've applied two thicker coats for a full coverage. The pictures were taken after two days of wearing as you have probably noticed the tipwear. Nothing major though....polish started to chip after four days which is about average for me. The removal was a little bit harder because of the shimmery particles which behaved little bit like glitters. Overally it is a very nice colour (not unique but very nice), good quality and if I'll get a chance to purchase more Zoya's, I will.

So Blogger had some technicul difficulties and did not work for a day....I wouldn't mind that if my last post about Red Shatter wouldn't dissapear! So here we go again:

Red Shatter - basically it is rich creme red which starts to crackle immediately after application. The pigmentation is really good so you don't need to apply thick coat of polish and it also allows you to regulate the crackling. Thicker layer will give you bigger crackles, thin layer will cracle into smaller pieces.

I've applied Red Shatter over China Glaze Passion and I loved the combination! Just one coat of Seche Vite to seal the polish and I was ready to go....I wore it 4 days and it was still in a very good condition.