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Some time ago I won this palette over at Karla Sugar website and now I have a review and photos for you.

The packaging, it is smooth and print looks stylish but it is stil plastic and when you'll have the palette in your hands, it will feel a little bit cheap.....well but it's worth the price.

Circus palette consits of 12 colourful eyeshadows and one applicator. Now I don't know how you feel about foam applicators in the palettes but I don't like them! I like proper eyeshadow brushes. Finish of the eyeshadow varies from shimmer to matte and eyeshadows are differently pigmented. Most of them are pigmented really good except the white and lime green shades. I tried to make a look using this palette but it did not come up as good as I wanted so I'm not gonna post it. What is important - I didn't find these shadows easy to use :-/ When I blend them the colour faded a lot so I ended up adding more an more colour. I would expect much more because the colours looked more pigmented in swatches.

So overally I would not repurchase and I do not plan to buy any other Sleek eyeshadow palette. I was dissapointed with this one.

In the previous post I told you about my visit at Illamasqua's new store in London and the new Art of Darkness collection. So today I've got for you swatches of nail polish in Viridian and Liquid Metal in Resolute I brought from this event.

Viridian - shimmery deep emerald green. It is a really beautiful shade, fully opaque in two coats and non-streaky. I had a little problem with application due to quite fast drying but it wasn't bad as with OPI suede polishes. The brush is slim but nice to work with. Right now I have polish the third day and there is no chipping at all. Bottle is usual 15 ml and costs £13.

Resolute - metallic ruby red cream. It is a multi-purpose and highly pigmented product. it can be used on eyes, cheeks, body or lips. I saw Alex Box use it as a lipstick on one of the models at the event so I tried how it will look on me. Not as good :-/  But back to the product - it is nice and creamy and not cupcakey. It can be use as  a base for eyeshadow and it is suitable for layering. I plan to buy the palette of four other liquid metals (gold, silver, bronze, pewter) because this one is really nice. Retail price is £17 per 8 ml and I think there is no chance I would use up the whole product as you need only a little.