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Hello lovelies!
I somehow got into the nail art after entering the Summer Challenge. I’ve created this casino inspired manicure after visiting a local casino with my friends last weekend. Have you ever visited casino? This was my second time and it was kinda fun :) We played roulette for small amounts of money  and thanks to some roulette techniques I’ve read some time ago I didn’t lose any money…well I won just few pounds so not a big win either. Oh man, I just remembered the days I used to play poker with bunch of friends just for small coins and it was so much fun! 
But please don’t take this as an encouragement to gamble, that’s not why I’m sharing this. I always play responsibly, not for big money or for a long time. I know that the prospect of winning ‘big bucks’ is tempting but the chance of ‘the big win’ is quite small. Read this to find out more about Psychology of gambling.
If you will ever go to casino, good luck but most importantly, have fun! Hope you’ll enjoy my casino themed manicure!
Products I've used: Nails Inc. Eden Grove, OPI The Color Of Minnie, A England Camelot, A England Excalibur, white acrylic paint. 

Hello lovelies!
Today is the next day of a Summer Challenge and the topic is Chelsea Flower Show! Up until now I haven't heard of this show but apparently it's a big deal in the 'flower business' :) 
I didn't have much time to do a special manicure with nail art even though I'd love to do a flower mani. So For the Chelsea Flower Show theme I've chosen swatches of Peggy Sage Tulip Glitter. Just the name is flowery and look at the colourful glitter in a jelly base! Awesome!
Tulip Glitter- dark wine red jelly with different coloured and sized glitter. This is such a beautiful polish! I love the jelly shade and the different glitter in it. Just imagine the glitter represents flowers - you can see red, green, blue, white and pink! 
I've applied two coats and as you can see they were opaque enough. It applied ok but the jelly formula played up a bit. The polish dried very fast so I've experienced little bit of patching and also polish was 'glooping' around the bottle neck so I might need to use thinner later. No topcoat.

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