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Hi everybody!

How is your hunt for Christmas presents going? I've got two :D I guess I'll have to go out at some point and be part of the shopping craziness :-/ That's one thing I don't like about Chritmas...loooots of people in all shops.

But back to fun :)

Turquiose & Caicos - pastel mint green creme with a hint of blue. It is not classic turquoise colour, it's more greenish. The formula was a bit watery and pigmentation was weaker. I've used three coats which is a bit pain for me :-/ It dried fast and removal was without problem. I thought I would give a chance to colour like this but just because of the formula it will have to find a new home.

Artificial light

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I've got here the new MAC Surf Baby Collection 2011 nail polishes to show you.

Ocean Dip - midtone creme aqua/turquoise. The polish is nicely pigmented and I could probably do with one thick coat. Well I've applied two just to get the best result. It applied really nicely and removal was ease and without any problems.

Direct sunlight

Hangin' Loose - MAC describes it as 'dirty pink beige' but I would describe it as a light creme beige with a hint of silver shimmer. The pigmentation wasn't as good as with Ocean Dip. Hangin' Loose was quite sheer in one coat so I ended up applying three coats to get a full coverage. Otherwise it applied nicely and removal was fine.

Direct sunlight