Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection! Pictures and swatches!

Hey guys! I've been invited to Illamasqua's blogger's event where the new collection Toxic Nature has been introduced. I had no idea what I will see because Illamasqua has been very secretive and did not release any info except neon orange nail polish Gamma.

Toxic Nature will be released on 10th March and it is Spring/Summer collection consisting of 17 new products! I want to thank the whole Illamasqua team for making a great event, friendly atmosphere and inviting me :)

So let's have a look on the pictures!

The Toxic Nature Collection

Just a really cool chair :D

I've made swatches of the products as well so you can start deciding what you'll go for :)

New precision Ink in Glister - beige coloured liner with a purple-ish sparkle.
Nail polishes (L-R): Gamma (neon orange), Stagnate (grey mauve), Purity (peach), Radium (acidic lime green). Bacterium nail polish is missing which I have not noticed but in the next post you can expect swatches of it :)
New Toxic Claw - handmade nail quill painted with Bacterium nail polish

So what do you think?