Lucy's Stash is a UK nail and nail art blog focusing on nail art tutorials, hand and nail care, nail products in general and latest nail polish collections.


I’m Lucie (or Lucy which is English version of my name ;) and I’ve established UK nail and nail art blog Lucy’s Stash in early February 2010. I often get ask how I got into nails…


I’ve been experimenting with nail art and makeup since my early teens but my true love for nail art developed about 7 years ago. I was inspired by my lovely friend AllYouDesire and encouraged by amazing ladies from one beauty forum to create my own blog. Firstly I started with makeup and nail posts but the nail art and nail polish reviews soon took over. These days I spend a lot of hours in the week working on something around the blog and I still very much enjoy it!


Why the name Lucy’s Stash?

Well, now it is supposed to refer to my nail polish stash. When I chose the name I planned to do beauty reviews as well so I didn’t want something nail polish specific. Now I regret it a bit but I still hope Lucy’s Stash is nowadays well established and recognized blog name.


What about personal life?

I like to keep my personal life separate because most people are interested in my ‘nail work’ but if you’d like to find out a bit more about me, keep reading…


I live in the UK and I work full-time as a marketing and media manager for a teaching company.  I have a husband who is, thankfully, very supportive of this very time-consuming hobby of mine :)


So that’s it for now, feel free to email me if you have any questions!