Dr.'s Remedy Jolly & Joy Holiday Collection 2011 - Review and swatches

Hello girls :)

Today I have here the whole Dr.'s Remedy Jolly & Joy collection for holiday 2011. Collection consists of five "rich, riveting and radiant shades". The colours are traditional Christmas colours but not the classic shades you'd expect.

REVIVE Ruby Red - dark red wine shimmery colour. Formula of this polish was really great! It applied easily, wasn't runny or thick and pigmentation is almost perfect. I've used two coats but even one coat almost enough...but you know me, I go for the perfection ;) This polish had very thin brush, almost like OPI minis, which I didn't really understand why - other polishes had the good thicker brush.  It dried fast and removal was good.

ESSENTIAL Emerald - light-ish green colour with tiny silver particles. Pigmentation was again good, I've used two coats for a full coverage. Drying time was average and I didn't find any troubles when removing it. It didn't colour my cuticles or anything like that.

SERENE Silver Glitter - silver, blue and red glitter. Tiny glitter particles creates almost foil-like finish, really nice festive polish. I just don't want to repeat myself but great pigmentation again - I've used two coats and one layer of topcoat to smooth the finish. Removal was very difficult so definitely soak your nails a bit or use the foil technique.

RESOLUTION Red Glitter - pink and silver glitter. I don't know where this name came from, I really don't :) IT IS NOT A RED GLITTER :D The finish is again foil-like, very sparkly and almost metallic. I needed two coats for a full coverage and then one layer of topcoat to smooth it out. Drying was time average and removal very difficult. Soak, soak, soak!

PASSION Purple - boysenberry purple with rose-pink shimmer. Dr.'s Remedy describes this shade as boysenberry colour-I had to Google it as I've never heard of boysenberry :) But it's a very nice purple with subtle rose-pink shimmer. Pigmentation is good in one thicker coat but I've used two to make it perfect. Finish is smooth and shiny and polish dries fast. Removal was easy and without problems.

Overall it's a very good quality collection with nice colour and finish range. Every polish has great formula and pigmentation. What I need to mention is the smell - it doesn't stink unless you 'sniff' it very closely! I found the same thing with the fall collection...it really doesn't stink like usual nail polish! All the nail polishes except REVIVE Ruby Red have very nice size brush. And not to forget - all polishes are the big three-free!
Dr.'s Remedy is US brand and so far I haven't seen it to be sold in UK. Polishes retail for $17 at www.remedynails.com, right know I can see there some polishes on offer for $14.
 *These polishes were provided to me by PR company. I've expressed my honest opinion.