SpaRitual Lithophonic from Rock collection for Fall 2012 - Review and swatches

Hello lovelies,

Sorry for the lack of posting, work has been absolutely crazy lately! I want to show you today the first shade from SpaRitual Rock collection for Fall 2012. You can read about the colours and inspiration behind the collection here. Interesting is that each polis is infused with Rhyolite (volcanic magma) from the Lipari Islands. The shade I'll show you is called Lithophonic.

I wanted to know what Lithophonic means so I did a little bit of research. Translator and Google didn't find anything but I found out that 'lithophone' is a musical instrument consisting of rock or rock pieces. So there is my sought after connection to this collection!

Lithophonic - dark green shimmer with earthy brown hues. It was really hard to describe this colour, just look at it! It's really strange shade with lots of shimmery particles in it. In the bottle, Lithophonic seems to be a bit duochrome but it does not show on the nail. The polish itself has a very good pigmentation and it's almost one-coater. I'm wearing two coats just to get the perfect coverage. It applied very easily and dried fast.  

Oh and you should really click on the pics and click once more to maximise them because Blogger ruined the quality :(  They look so much better when they were not compressed by Blogger.

Lucy's Stash - SpaRitual Lithophonic
Lucy's Stash - SpaRitual Lithophonic

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