November favourites from Lucy's stash!

Hello lovelies,

I've been planning to introduce a 'monthly favourites' series for a long time and I'm finally doing it! I've seen many beauty bloggers doing this feature and I really like it. This is the very first post where I'll show you some of my current favourites not just from the nail polish world and I will do that every month. The series will be called favourites from Lucy's stash - haha, get it? Since the beginning of my blog the name Lucy's Stash was meant to represent all things in my collection - my stash, but I found my love for nail polish and nail art and decided to focus solely on that.

This month's favourites of mine are:

November favourites from Lucy's stash!



1. Aromatherapy Associates Joy Candle* - I love candles and this one currently ma go-to candle. It is large with three wicks so you really get a lot of scent released. It smells lovely with lots of rose and some other scents. I also really like the whole design of it from the matte glass to the gold Aromatherapy Associates logo. Simple, clean and elegant. It is a limited edition re-released for the holidays so it won't be available forever! Here's a bit more information about it: "This decadent multi-wick candle makes a much anticipated return to the Christmas collection for 2014. Complete your festive decorations with this elegant candle which boasts a delicate yet seductive combination of rose and ginger essential oils to enrich your home with a warming and welcoming atmosphere. Our candles are hand-poured and made in the United Kingdom from the highest quality soy wax with unbleached cotton wicks. 100% GM free."

The Joy candle is available here. For £45 it's on the pricier side but I like a bit of luxury from now and then.


2. A England Crown Of Thistles and Queen Of Scots* - These two new shades stood up for me the most and I absolutely love them! They are both from the Elizabeth & Mary collection that has been recently released. I love their flawless formula and stunning colour! I've reviewed them here.


3. All That Jazz Louise’s - From Riches to Rubies - I got this polish just last Thursday, painted it on Friday and I'm still wearing it on my non-swatching hand! It's so pretty and sparkly! Even though it's not Christmas yet (and this truly is Christmas on nails) this red glittery polish is something I'll never tire of wearing. I'll do a proper review later but I wanted to show you early in case you want it for the holiday season! If you like China Glaze's Ruby Pumps and Essie's Ruby Slippers then you'll love this one! It is available here (you need to register to shop).


4. Models Own Ebony Green* - I'm not usually swooning over green polishes but this one grabbed my attention. It's vampy and dark and it has slightly jelly formula. It also represents all the new HyperGel shades added to this line. They are all super glossy and jelly-ish and I must say I like them all! Thay are available at Models Own website for £4.99 each.


5. Glossybox Harvey Nichols edition* - I simply must include this month's Glossybox because I love it! I used to subscribe to Glossybox for around two years but none of the boxes was ever as good as this one. This is a special Harvey Nichols edition valued over £150 and you pay only £30 (+P&P) for it. My favourite items out of it are:

  • OPI Avoplex Moisture Replenishing hand lotion with generous 120ml. This lotion is very light, fast absorbing and doesn't leave sticky residue. Great to carry in a handbag! I'm so glad I got this lotion rather than OPI polish
  • Macadamia Natural Healing Oil 10ml - I love this stuff and all products from this range, makes my hair super soft and glossy! I've tried all of them and I'll purchase again if I'll find some good offer
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer 30ml - I like this one because it feels very light, I can't feel any silicone and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling.
  • SHOW Beauty Sheer Thermal Protect - this is a full-sized product you'll get worth £35! I don't know about you but I'm terrified of damaging my hair with heat so I don't use tools (iron, curlers, wands) very often. But when I do I like to use heat protecting sprays so I'm very glad for this one.


Those are just some of my top picks but I will use most of the items like the Benefit mascara, Harvey Nichols Party Candle, NARS Satin Lip Pencil... This limited edition Glossybox is available from 17th November but you can register of one at now!


6. Macadamia Oil Extract Hair products - I really want to share this find with you even though it's not nail-related! I have come across this video from Laura aka Fitz N Bitz where she talks about a new range of macadamia oil products being released for Lidl in Ireland. I watched it but thought that it probably won't be in the UK for a while. And it's not, I have been to Lidl yesterday and didn't find it BUT I have found it in Savers some time ago! I really like the packaging - it's black with white or orange ' floral doodle' drawings on it, very pretty. I purchased shampoo, conditioner and hair mask and in just one wash my hair went from hard, tangled and horrible to smooth, non-frizzy and without tangles, all for £1 each!!! I can't recommend this enough and big thanks to Laura for making the video!


So that's it, those are my favourites from the past month! I hope you've enjoyed this post even though it's a little bit different to what I usually do. Leave a comment, I want to hear your thoughts ;)


Have a lovely day! Lucie x


*Products previously sent for consideration