Zoya Surf Collection for Summer 2012 - Review and swatches

Hi everybody!

Yesterday I've reviewed the first part of Zoya Beach & Surf collection for Summer 2012. You can see the review of the Beach collection here. I was completely in love with the beach collection but I must say that there are some real gems in the Surf collection too!

Kimber - raspberry pink with gold glass flecks. In real life this colour is leaning more towards pink undertones, like raspberry shades. It reminds me China Glaze Strawberry Fields a lot. One coat was almost enough but in the end I needed the second coats for perfect coverage. I had one problem with this polish - it stained my nails quite a lot. I would recommend to use two coats of base coat or thicker base coat, something like OPI Ridge Filler, Essie Protein base coat and similar. Otherwise the formula was good, easy to apply and polish dried quite fast.

Rory - lotus pink foil metallic. Really great shade if you like pinks. It has quite cool undertones. The 'metallic foil' effect is quite visible on Rory and it looks good! It's shiny and it's sparkly! It has really good formula - it applied easily and I didn't experience any problems. I've applied two coats but one was almost enough for a full coverage.

Carly - deep metallic foil purple. I want my name to be Carly just so I can have this gem named after me!!! I absolutely adore this colour and it's my absolute favourite from the whole summer collection. I know it is not particularly spring or summer shade but I just love dark purples! I'm wearing one coat! The pigmentation is really great and Carly did not stain my nails. It also applied flawlessly..it was just love at first sight

Myrta - coral orange foil metallic. Myrta is in real life a bit more red, it is not as orange as it came out in the pictures. It also has great pigmentation, I'm wearing two coats but the first coat was almost fully opaque. It applied easily and dried reasonably fast.

Meg - mermaid green foil metallic. This is very sparkly foil green, almost like the pistachio Tracie from the Beach collection. I think I like Meg better just because it's so sparkly :) It is also very well pigmented, I'm wearing two coats but one coat was almost enough for full coverage. Meg also dried fast :)

Zuza - aquamarine foil metallic. Now this is the second polish in the collection that stands out for me straight after Carly. Beautiful sparkly blue with great formula! One coat was almost enough but I've applied two for full opacity. Zuza stained my nails a little bit so next time I'll use thicker base coat or two coats of base coat.

Surf collection has metallic foil finish as opposed to the creme Beach collection and really like it! But what is more important is the formula - absolutely flawless to apply across all the shades! The pigmentation is exceptional as well with all shades being almost one-coaters. If you have very short nails you can do with one thicker coat but if your nails are longer like min you will probably need two cats to hide the nail line. I've experienced staining with Kimber and Zuza so use thicker base coat to prevent it. Also when I was removing these polishes I had tiny foil particles stuck on my cuticles and skin so in the end I did something like foil method to prevent it - just hold cotton pad with nail polish remover on your nail for few minutes and then wipe of the polish with one stroke. Worked like magic :)

I love both Beach & Surf collection and I think that if you like colours, you'll be more than happy with these little gems.

*These were provided for a review