Parrot nail art manicure for Summer Challenge - Scarlet Macaw in the jungle

Hello lovelies!

Thanks to the Summer Challenge I participate in (Thank you for putting it together Debbie!) I take on 'projects' I wouldn't normally do and it pushes me to do very elaborate and creative manicures. Like today's one!

The topic for today's Summer Challenge is Jungle mani or Parrots and I chose to paint my favourite parrot - Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao). Macaws are magnificent birds and I love them! My first ever boyfriend had 24(!) of them so I've spend years in their company, could admire them and sometimes even touch them. Don't get me wrong, they can be very angry, aggressive and dangerous birds but they are beautiful. They could snap your finger in half if you'd just give them a chance :D

I used to paint and draw macaws so this mani wasn't as hard for me. Firstly I've used KIKO 343 and CND Urban Oasis to create the jungle background. I dipped dots of CND into the wet KIKO polish and dragged the needle through it to create two-colour background. Then I started to paint the macaw with acrylic colours.

Hope you like it and hope you'll share it to spread the love :)

Parrot nail art manicure - Scarlet Macaw in the jungle

Parrot nail art manicure - Scarlet Macaw in the jungle

Aren't they just beautiful?

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