Ciate is trademarking 'Caviar manicure/ Caviar nails' - is it a bad move?

Hi everybody,

I've just came across blog post from Anna from Pretty Digits who have received following email from Ciate:

"It has come to our attention that you are using the mark caviar manicure and/or caviar nails in relation to a manicure product/method of manicure.
This relates to post on the 30th March ‘Caviar Nails Again’ as per link below:
Brand Agency Limited (Ciate) own the trade marks caviar manicure and caviar nails and we are in the process of applying to register these mark around the world.
Therefore you should not use the trade marks caviar manicure and/or caviar nails unless they are used in relation to products or to a method of using products that are produced by Ciate.
Please confirm once you have removed references to our trade marks from your website."

Firstly I want to inform and raise awareness of this. Secondly I want to know your opinion. One thing  is to trademark your new product name and force the right use of it which is their legal right. But what I have problem with is that the 'caviar manicure/nails' is not their idea! It is at least a year old when it was used by Dashing Diva at Fashion Week in February 2011. And now whoever uses name 'caviar manicure/nails' can be pursued because Ciate has trademarked it/is in the trademarking process.

What do you think? Share this info to let everyone know x