Book Review: Leighton Denny - How I Nailed It!

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Hello lovelies,


When I've received a press release about Leighton Denny's new book called How I Nailed It!, I knew I wanted to read it. I was prepared to buy it but I was offered a free copy which made it even more exciting. I don't want to reveal too much detail because I want you to enjoy it as much as I did.


The book is Leighton's autobiography describing everything from his entrepreneurial flair from early age, the struggles of different jobs to the glamorous and not-so-glamorous side of the nail industry. It starts with a gripping story from Saint Tropez but I won't tell you more ;) But expect celebrity encounters, heartbreaking and sometimes terrifying stories (what happened to him was absolutely terrifying to me) and really interesting life story overall.

Book Review: Leighton Denny - How I Nailed It!


The book is written in an easy to read and friendly tone and after reading it I felt like I know Leighton so well! It is really strange feeling to meet the person afterwards, to see the skull key chain and earring he talks about in the book and many other little things you wouldn't notice without actually reading the book. I really don't want to describe things in the book or Leighton's whole life story, buy the book, it's worth a read ;) Leighton has not only built his own 'empire' (with a new perfume coming out!), travelled the world and worked on countless celebrities (he writes about some of them in the book too) but also has been recognised for his services to the nail and beauty industry by the Queen and has been awarded an MBE!


All of his ups and downs taught me that life might not always go as planned but if you follow your dreams and work hard for them, you will succeed. That's why I've gotten qualified as nail technician and will pursue my own dream. If a 'boy' from Bradford can succeed, so can I! ;)

Book Review: Leighton Denny - How I Nailed It!



I have to admit, that before reading the book all I knew about Leighton Denny was that he is a celebrity nail and beauty expert, that he owns his own brand Leighton Denny Expert Nails and appears on QVC. I was however very curious to find out how he got there and how he built his skills and career. I remember briefly meeting him at Olympia Beauty Show in London about two years ago when I was chatting to Nina Taylor. At that time I had absolutely no idea about all his accomplishments...I think it was good otherwise I would be completely star-struck just as I was when I met him earlier this month at the Kiss products launch event.


If you want to get to know Leighton and his life story and also read something truly inspirational, you'll love this book! I've never read a book so fast which certainly tells how entertaining it was and I wish it didn't stop where it did but continued up until now. It is currently available to download on Amazon as an e-book and newly you can buy a hard copy as well.


PS: Sorry if this review sounded a lot like a fan girling, I really couldn't help it lol



*I have been provided the e-book for a review