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Hello lovelies,

I've had another package from Czech company Mont Bleu which offers many items including crystal nail files, mirrors etc, all decorated with Swarovski crystals. This is what I've received:

Lucy's Stash - Mont Bleu products

The first product I've got is Shamballa bracalet with peach pink beads. It's very pretty but I'm not very much into it as it's not my style. But it will make a very nice gift :) Here's a little bit more about it from Mont Bleu website:

"Shamballa bracelets made with Swarovski crystal pearls are a perfect everyday jewelry with a touch of luxury. Stunning simplicity and glamorous vintage effect of pearls come as one chic bracelet.
Shamballa bracelets are made with waxed cord tied in knots using macramé technique. You can easily adjust the size of the bracelet, making sure it will fit nicely on your wrist. The bracelets are presented in leatherette box."

Another product is Bag Hanger Sun Yellow - I feel like they have read my mind, I was just looking for a handbag holder! This one is so sparkly under the light or in the sunlight, I love the Swarovski Elements crystals! The hanger feels sturdy and well made. I've already tested it and it works very well. The other side of the hanger has a velvet surface so it does not slip from the table.

Lucy's Stash - Mont Bleu products
Lucy's Stash - Mont Bleu products

Next up is a crystal nail file from their Crystal line. I've already received and tested their nail files perviously and I am still very happy. They are very fine so I use them at the end of filing my nails to seal and clean the edges so I don't get any splitting. The nail file is again beautifully decorated with crystals and the handle has gradient colour.

Lucy's Stash - Mont Bleu products

I've also received a business card holder which is perfect for my new business/blog cards! There are pretty black, pink and silver crystal on it and it has a velvet lining inside. I don't really know what else to say other that that it's just perfect and I will be using it from now on.

Lucy's Stash - Mont Bleu products
Lucy's Stash - Mont Bleu products

Lucy's Stash - Mont Bleu products

So which product is your favourite? Mine has to be the bag hanger, I really like it. I also can't fault the nail files which I use regularly and are my favourite! If you'd like to buy anything from Mont Bleu e-shop you can use discount code BLOG20 for 20% discount.

*These products were sent to me for a review

Hello lovelies,

I got few more beautiful goodies from Mont Bleu, Czech producer of glass and crystal jewellery, nail files and other products that they decorate either with Swarovski crystals or hand paint. It was a surprise package that I got just after Christmas and I want to show you what I got.

You can check out a proper thorough review of the nail files that I've done a while ago HERE. I still use the files every time I do a manicure and they are still perfect!

Mont Bleu products

This nail file has rounded ends and has very fine 'grain'. I will be using it at the end of filing my nails to 'seal' the edges so my nails don't split. Since I started to use glass nail filed at the end of filing my nails I had no splits so it worked for me.

Official description: Glass nail file hand decorated with crystals “Waterfall Clear - Blue”. Length 135mm (5.32 inches). Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

This next item was very thoughtful because I got nail file with my star sign - Libra :) I think I might gift this one to my mom as she's Libra too. It is the same quality as the previous nail file and it has one clear crystal at the top. The handle is something like clear smooth rubbery plastic, don't really know how else to explain it :)

Then I got these gorgeous little earrings that I absolutely adore and I've been wearing them since. They change colour on the facets depending on an angle. I've tried to capture it in the photographs below.  The crystals are again Swarovski. I've browsed their earrings range and some of them are really nice and also inexpensive.

Official description: Austrian Crystal earrings "Crystal Vitrail Medium", covered with hypo allergic metal, crystal size: 6mm/0.24 inches. 

Lucy's Stash - Mont Bleu earrings

Mont Bleu also produces decorated pens. This one is matte black, nice slim and sleek with big turquoise crystal on top.

Official description: Black automatic ball pen, decorated with turquoise Swarovski Elements. Changeable refill. Size: 13cm/5.11 inches.

And last but not least - stainless steel tweezers. I got these cute tweezers with pink crystals that came in black velvet case. I've already tried them and they work great. I usually use my Tweezerman tweezers but to be honest I like these very much!

Official description: Tweezers hand decorated with Swarovski crystals. Slanted tip for perfect eyebrow shape. Made from stainless steel.


If you'd like to check out Mont Bleu products visit their e-shop, I have only great experiences with them. There is a discount code BLOG that is still active so don't forget to enter it and save yourself some money.

*These products were sent to me by the manufacturer