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This was dissapointment :( I really wanted to like this polish but I didn't like it even layered over another polish. This polish is a different colour glitter in a clear base. It dried up quite quickly and removing was a bit difficult as it is a glitter.

Tenhle lak byl pro me zklamani :( Opravdu jsem ho chtela mit rada,ale nelibil se mi ani na jinem laku. Jsou to v podstate barevne glitry v pruhlednem laku. Schnul docela rychle a protoze je to glitr, odlakovavani bylo trosku horsi.

In the next few posts, I'll be reviewing ang swatching my new polishes which I absolutely love! I have Nfu Oh polishes, LA Color polish, Zoya, L.A. Girl polishes and BB Couture polishes!

V pristich par prispevcich budu psat o novych lacich, ktere mi prave prisly a uplne je zboznuju! Mam nove Nfu Oh, LA Color, Zoyu, LA Girl a BB Couture laky :)

Nfu Oh Victorian polishes no. 51, 46 and 59

BB Couture Napa Valley Red and Erotic Night

LA Color Rainbow Glitter, LA Girl Overdose, LA Girl Amethyst and Zoya Astra

I'm gonna start with BB Couture Erotic Night polish. This one is an ultimate vampy colour and it is just perfect! It's a deep wine red with a hint of plummy colour and it is jelly. I've used two a bit thicker coats and it was enough for full coverage. The brush is really nice and i had no problems with application. So far I'm falling in love with BB Couture polishes :)

Zacnu s BB Couture Erotic Night lakem. Tenhle lacek je uzasna a perfektni vampy barva. Tmava vinova s trochou svestkove fialove :) Lak ma zele konzistenci, coz vypada skvele. Na fotkach mam dve silnejsi vrstvy, ltere stacily pro plne kryti. Stetecek byl fajn, dobre se s nim lakoval a nemela jsem zadne problemy. No, zatim to vypada, ze se zacinam zamilovavat do BB Couture laku...uff, to zas bude draha laska :D