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Opi Ink is quite old shade but for me it still has its magic. So today I'm gonna show you some experiments with it :) There is the colour itself in the first picture. Then I used stamping techique with fauxnad image plate and Konad silver nail polish. And finally in the last two pictures is Ink with one layer of Golden Rose Scale effect no. 14. Personaly I prefer the last nails the most, because the Golden Rose flakies makes nails soooo interesting! I can't stop looking at them! I just love it and I hope you like it too.

Opi Ink uz je docela stary odstin,ale pro me ma porad sve kouzlo. Takze dneska vam s nim ukazu par experimentu :) Tak na prvnim obrazku je lak samotny. Pak jsem ho orazitkovala stribrnym lakem Konad a vzor je z desticky fauxnad. A konecne na poslednich dvou obrazcich je Ink s jednou vrstvou Golden Rose Scale effect c.14. Osobne se mi tyhle posledni nehtiky libi ze vsech nejvic, protoze ty barevne supinky jsou na nehtech taaak zajimave! Nemuzu prestat koukat na svoje nehty! Je to proste nadherny a doufam,ze se vam to taky bude libit :)

I'm gonna start with one of my favourite nail polishes. This one is from OPI's Designer Series and I'm sure you all know it - it's Extravagance! I absolutely love the rich purple colour and what's the best - the holographic effect! The applying is easy, no streaks and two coats were more than enough :)

Zacnu s jednim,ze svych nejoblibenejsich laku. Tenhle je z designerske serie OPI a jsem si jista, ze ho znate - je to Extravagance! Tenhle lak proste miluju pro jeho sytou fialovou barvicku a co je nejlepsi? Holograficky efekt! Aplikace byla bez problemu, nedelal zadne pruhy a naprosto stacily dve vrstvy :)