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Hi everybody!

I finally own Ozotic Elytra polishes!!! I absolutely love them in the bottle but they've disappointed me a bit on the nails. I will try more combinations so I can explore their full potential. Today I've layered Ozotic 529 over KIKO 379.

Ozotic 529 - multichrome glitter in a clear base. It is really hard to describe this polish. The glitter shifts from dark blue, almost purple through lighter shades of blue to pink and burnt orange shades. Amazing! I was staring at the bottles for a very long time when they've finally arrived. I don't know if it's just this combination but it didn't look as good on the nail. I haven't used any topcoat so the surface is uneven.

The removal was the same like with all glitters - difficult to say the least :) Use the foil method or at least hold the soaked cotton pad on your nail for few minutes. That's what I do instead of preparing foil stripes.

Ozotic Elytra 529 over KIKO 379 & mattified!  

Ozotic Elytra 529 over KIKO 379 & mattified!


And here is the mattified version using MASH Matte Top Coat. I actually like the mattified version much more, the top coat makes it very elegant.

I've bought the Ozotics at Harlow & Co. and MASH Top Coat can be purchased at

Hi everybody!

I've seen this Gilded Gradient Nail Art manicure by Illamasqua and I've decided to recreate it. You can see the original post and watch tutorial video HERE.

Because I don't own all the polishes from the video I had to improvise. As a base I've used two coats of Illamasqua Monogamous. Then I took a piece of sponge I wash dishes with (new one ;) to achieve the 'grainy' look. I started dabbing Illamasqua Victory (gold) to the tips and create gradient effect. The I had to find similar brown-ish colour to Faithful so I chose Barielle Cashmere Or Loose Me. Then I added a little bit of a bling instead of Swinger polish. I've used OPI Spark De Triomphe.

It is not exactly the same manicure but it's close enough I think :)

And this is the original manicure by Illamasqua: