Hello lovelies,

Holiday season is behind us again but holiday polishes are still in our drawers ready to be used again! My nails are finally reasonably long so I swatched SinfulColors Wish Collection straight away. It consists of 5 nail polish shades and two nail art polishes.

OUT OF THIS WORLD - pearly shimmer silver. This is like millions of tiny silver flecks in the bottle. It is like sugar coat :) I'm sure it will be great for layering as it is not very opaque on one coat. This is two coats which were enough for a good coverage. Drying time was average but I had a bit of an issue with removal. You see those million silver flecks that look so great on the nails? Well they are not that great on the cuticles :D

SUGAR SUGAR - beautiful red shimmer with gold flecks. This polish has a bit jelly formula that looks really good and rich. There gold flecks that you can see in the bottle but they get coloured so they don't really translate on the nail. Despite that this is beautiful holiday red. I must tell you that it not only is a beautiful colour but also have amazing formula! it is almost one coater and it dries very fast! I had no problems with removal either.

MIDNIGHT BLUE - rich vibrant deep blue shimmer. This polish has great formula - it's almost one coater but 2 coats are just perfect. It dried REALLY fast and the application was nice and easy. as you can see it has a fine shimmer but it causes little bit of streaks.

LAST CHANCE - dark creme forest green.Very nice holiday shade :) It has again very good formula, same as previous polishes. It is almost one coater but I've used two to make it flawless. It dried fast and I had absolutely no problems with removal.

DADDY'S GIRL - dark purple cool-toned jelly with glass flecks. I'm soo happy that this colour is featured in this holiday collection! It was on my wishlist for ages but it was always sold out. It is beautiful but sheer purple jelly with glass flecks. It is very nice as layering polish too. This is 3 thicker coats and as you can see it is not completely opaque but still beautiful :)

Daddy's Girl over Midnight Blue

FASHIONISTA - silver glitter in a clear base with nail art brush. This is one out os two nail art polishes in the collection. Not really unique polish but if you enjoy nail art, it's good to have something like this.
FLOWER GIRL - a bronzy gold with ton of sparkle - this description says it all. Very well pigmented nail art polish. As you can see in the picture the pigmentation is very good, I have dipped the brush just once.

Overall I feel this is a great collection not only for including Daddy's Girl ;) The formula of Midnight Blue, Sugar Sugar, Last Chance and Flower Girl was amazing! The rest was very nice too and I was really surprised by the quality of polishes.

"SinfulColors surpasses the masses with more than 150 amazing shades of nail polish, including the above-mentioned shades. All hues are available for $1.99 at major drug and mass-market stores nationwide, by calling 1-800-448-0763 or online at www.walgreens.com"

*The products were provided to me for a review. I've expressed my honest opinion.

Hi girls!

I absolutely love jellies so China Glaze Crimson was no brainer. It is from Haunting Halloween collection 2011 so I'm showing it to you a bit late :-/

Crimson - blackened purple jelly. This is very dark rich blackberry jelly. Sometimes it looks like black jelly, that's how dark it is. Despite the jelly formula, the pigmentation is very good and this is just two coats. In the last picture I painted thumb with one coat so you can see the difference one coat makes. Drying time was average (jellies always dry longer) and removal was without any problems. No topcoat.

2 coats vs. 1 coat on the thumb